Valentine's Day Challenge?
Should the community do a Valentine's day fic challenge this year?

Happy 2012!
Happy new year everyone! Jean was briefly mentioned in Schism....
Oh no he did not!

Redship Tumblr!
avengers: clint/natasha hug
If you're on tumblr, you should totally follow Fuck Yeah Redship. I'll be posting a crapton of Logan/Jean stuff there. :D

A challenge for you (and a challenge for me)
avengers: clint/natasha hug
It's been way too quiet around here lately. SO! Let's have a fic challenge.

I challenge you, my fellow Redshippers, to write a Logan/Jean Valentine's Day story that involves:
  • A bottle of expensive wine

  • fuzzy slippers

  • a glow-in-the-dark condom

  • a pornographic movie

The fic can be any length and any rating (though I'm sure no one would be angry if it's smutty, heh). Post your fic on Valentine's Day!


And now my reparations for being so quiet around here myself. I've fallen off the writing horse lately, and I want to get back on. Reply to this post with a Logan/Jean situation, and I'll write at least a drabble, but hopefully a longer fic for you. Let me know if you have a 'verse preference and what heat level you want, too (mild and romantic to panty-scorching). :D

FIC! Emergence, NC17
Bed Yum <3
Title: Emergence
Author: Nicole (thetruthbetween)
Pairing: Jean/Logan, mention of Jean/Scott
Rating: so very NC17
Note: Creative license was taken with the layout of the jet LOL I needed a bunk in there :D
Written for my smut_69 table

Rather amusing convo between my Muses that should give you a clue about this story...
JeanMuse: "Can has soft!sex?"
LoganMuse: "... You really think I can get turned on enough to barge in on you after hearing/smelling you masturbate and *not* give it to you as hard as I can?"
JeanMuse: "Hm... Well, I guess wild, hot, rough animal sex could work, too..."
LoganMuse: *drags JeanMuse off to a dark corner*
JeanMuse: *squeaks and giggles*

Yeah... LOL

Oh, and squick warning for those who like their sex bloodless. Look elsewhere LOL

( Fake Cut to My Fic Journal )

End Note: Read it twice. Seriously, you'll have a better understanding of it if you do. Also, this is the plottiest sex scene I've ever written...

Oh, and also, this is part of a larger story idea which may or may not be written. If anyone wants an explanation of it, lemme know and I'll post one.

X-Men Evolution
Sex Has a Face
So, I've been watching Evo lately, I just finished season 2... is it just me, or does Jean kinda come across as a cocktease? (And Kitty as a cocktease-in-training) I have no idea why I feel this way, but... yeah. Now if only that was directed at Logan instead of Scott...

Maybe a Little Off-Topic
Mad Skillz Babe
Erm, does anybody know of any Famke Janssen mood themes? I'd really like to use one, but... can't find any :(

Something to Ponder
Okay, so... in a few fics I've read, Logan's saliva has healing properties, right? I dunno if this is canon or not, but it did get me thinking. I've been "writing" a Logan/Jean fanfic in my head while I'm in bed, something to drift off to sleep to, and I got to the point tonight where Phoenix has attacked Scott a la X3, and he's basically half-stripped of his flesh. So Prof. X suggests that Logan more or less hock a wad, repeatedly, over Scott LOL Anyyyway, my LoganMuse was like, "hullo dehydration" which got me pondering as to what body fluids contain DNA (after I post this I'm checking on urine, tho I'm pretty sure all bodily fluids do contain DNA) -- to which LoganMuse was all, "I get to piss on One-Eye? Awesome."

Anyway. So then, it occurred to me... if Logan's bodily fluids have the same regenerating process that his body has (due to containing his DNA and all) and don't die of age, like he doesn't... then wouldn't his sperm last forever? I mean, if he and Jean had sex once, couldn't she repeatedly get pregnant with his children?

Also, on a completely random side note, to keep me from posting twice... can anyone tell me if X-Men The Animated Series has any Logan/Jean moments? 'Cuz it's a lil too 70s for me to watch for fun LOL

Icons: Jean and Logan
The Viking & The Wolverine
I made some icons using scans from the X-Men 4ever issue...

Wolverine & Phoenix 4ever
A wallpaper featuring Jean & Logan, of course, from that fabulous X-Men Forever annual issue.


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