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Something to Ponder
thetruthbetween wrote in redshippers
Okay, so... in a few fics I've read, Logan's saliva has healing properties, right? I dunno if this is canon or not, but it did get me thinking. I've been "writing" a Logan/Jean fanfic in my head while I'm in bed, something to drift off to sleep to, and I got to the point tonight where Phoenix has attacked Scott a la X3, and he's basically half-stripped of his flesh. So Prof. X suggests that Logan more or less hock a wad, repeatedly, over Scott LOL Anyyyway, my LoganMuse was like, "hullo dehydration" which got me pondering as to what body fluids contain DNA (after I post this I'm checking on urine, tho I'm pretty sure all bodily fluids do contain DNA) -- to which LoganMuse was all, "I get to piss on One-Eye? Awesome."

Anyway. So then, it occurred to me... if Logan's bodily fluids have the same regenerating process that his body has (due to containing his DNA and all) and don't die of age, like he doesn't... then wouldn't his sperm last forever? I mean, if he and Jean had sex once, couldn't she repeatedly get pregnant with his children?

Also, on a completely random side note, to keep me from posting twice... can anyone tell me if X-Men The Animated Series has any Logan/Jean moments? 'Cuz it's a lil too 70s for me to watch for fun LOL

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First off, so far as I'm aware the saliva idea is not canon, or at least it's not in any of the canon I've encountered though I freely admit there are substantial gaps. So if you want to use the concept I think that's pretty much open to do whatever you want on it. I've only seen it used in one fic that I can think of, and that was pretty much as an excuse to lick Jean all over.

Also the undying sperm idea I know got used in a crack-fic many many years ago, when Logan and Storm got frisky in a hot-tub and as a side-effect got all the other x-women pregnant by accident. Again, pretty sure that's not canon, but is quite amusing none the less.

Like many things Marvel-related, it's probably best not to think about the details too hard. Marvel certainly don't.

Hm. Wish I had an excuse to lick Jean all over...

Oh man... accidental pregnancy of everyone? Epic LOL

I kinda figured that pretty much anything goes, since X-Men have like... countless universes or something like that... Most of my ideas are mainly movieverse with random inserts of stuff from the cartoons and comics LOL Yay mishmash!

Urine would only have very trace amounts of DNA from shed cells, I'd imagine. (That's another question -- would Logan's dander be alive? Are the carpets and vaccuum cleaner bags of Xavier's School going to attain low-level sentience some day?) As for sperm, I imagine the lack of immortal and eternal babies would probably be down to the fact that gamete cells only contain half your genome, since they have to fuse with the other side's in order to whip up a new person.

Although I've totally read some crack fics involving unstoppable sperm too.

Yeah, I looked it up, and urine only contains DNA when epithelial cells are shed, and for most healthy people they aren't. So poor LoganMuse doesn't get to piss on Scott. And y'know, I don't think Logan would have dander. I mean, dander is dead skin cells, and y'know, the regenerative thing... But danged if sentient carpets and vacuum cleaner bags isn't an awesome idea LOL

I still think the sperm would stay alive, tho, because in X2, Pyro tells Bobby's parents that the X-gene comes from the father's side... which means any sperm cells that have Logan's regeneration gene or whatever wouldn't die, right? *should've paid more attention in biology...*

I don't think Pyro had it quite right, or he was lying outright. Sex linked genes are almost always carried on the X chromosome, and therefore dominant in males and recessive in girls, and they cannot be passed from father to son. Given what we know of the X-universe, that doesn't ring true. Besides, the X gene is meant to be a mutation, and it has wildly different effects from mutant to mutant, and I'm thinking that studying the science too closely would probably negatively impact one's suspension of disbelief.

Yeah, Pyro's explanation really doesn't work -- for one thing it would imply that children could only inherit their father's powers, which goes against what the Summers-Grey brood demonstrate. And if it was on the Y chromosome, which is the only thing truly unique to guys, then there'd be no female mutants at all.

There are a few genetic disorders where the same mutation on an autosomal (non-sex) chromosome causes different syndromes dependant on which parent donates the damaged gene, with Prader-Willi and Angelmann's Syndromes being the examples that spring to mind, but epigenetics is a lot more complex than I'd expect a high school student to know about.

I actually had a huge geek-out and came up with a working theory on X-Factor genetics for an X-Men game I'm on... but that's pure fanwank.

I actually had a huge geek-out and came up with a working theory on X-Factor genetics for an X-Men game I'm on... but that's pure fanwank.

At the risk of me not getting a think written tonight, do tell!

Fair enough. Pyro was a bastard, so it doesn't surprise me that he'd say shit just to make Bobby's parents feel bad/stir things up. Plus, I am aware that if it was on the Y-chromosome, women wouldn't be able to get it, and I was wondering in the genetic link thing anyway, because of the wide range of powers. But in my defense, it's been a while since I've taken any biology classes LOL So I tend to watch the movie and take all that's said as canon. It doesn't tax my brain as much LOL

And on that note, 'tis time for me to hit the sack again and make my LoganMuse sad that he doesn't get to piss on Scott... LOL Poor Logan'll be dehydrated while Hank gets to smear Logan's spit all over Scott's front... *wonders if Logan's saliva would regenerate Scott's now-burned off boy bits...*

Also, going by what we've seen in the X-Men comicverse, the parents' mutations are not always passed onto their children. Magneto's powers were passed to Polaris, but Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have wildly different powers. I don't think we're going to find any real continuity in that, though, since Nathan Summers was born with powers like Jean's (as Maddie was a Jean clone).

Ugh. I so don't want to think of Scott and Jean having kids... *sigh*

(That's another question -- would Logan's dander be alive? Are the carpets and vaccuum cleaner bags of Xavier's School going to attain low-level sentience some day?)

That just made me snarf tea all over the table. ♥

Like LT said, the saliva thing is not canon, or if it is, it's in some obscure comic that I haven't laid hands on yet.

But the joy of fanfic is that you can just make shit up. We're already working within a framework that's wildly implausible. As long as you're consistent with your made up stuff within the fic itself, you can experiment all you like. :)

I've never personally gone with the immortal sperm thing (I actually never thought of it, though that is kind of terrifying, hah). My favorite liberty to take with Logan's healing factor is that he has zero recovery time, ifyaknowwhatImean. No need for rest stops when Logan's on the love highway. ;)

Something tells me that being a fan of X-Men is going to drive my OCD and perfectionism nuts LOL

I wouldn't say that zero recovery time is really a liberty... I mean... the guy can be gutted and get up practically right away, it's not like it's within the realm of implausibility for him to be able to keep it up LOL But yeah, I go with that, too... in fact, I have an OC in my head whose power is to literally meld other mutants powers together, creating a bond between them infinitely deeper than a psi-bond... anyway, I have it in my head that she melds Jean and Logan together like that... so now Jean's got the healing... and then Jean and Logan fuck like bunnies and nobody gets any sleep. LOL Because clearly I need an excuse for gratuitous smut :D

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