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FIC! Emergence, NC17
Bed Yum <3
thetruthbetween wrote in redshippers
Title: Emergence
Author: Nicole (thetruthbetween)
Pairing: Jean/Logan, mention of Jean/Scott
Rating: so very NC17
Note: Creative license was taken with the layout of the jet LOL I needed a bunk in there :D
Written for my smut_69 table

Rather amusing convo between my Muses that should give you a clue about this story...
JeanMuse: "Can has soft!sex?"
LoganMuse: "... You really think I can get turned on enough to barge in on you after hearing/smelling you masturbate and *not* give it to you as hard as I can?"
JeanMuse: "Hm... Well, I guess wild, hot, rough animal sex could work, too..."
LoganMuse: *drags JeanMuse off to a dark corner*
JeanMuse: *squeaks and giggles*

Yeah... LOL

Oh, and squick warning for those who like their sex bloodless. Look elsewhere LOL

( Fake Cut to My Fic Journal )

End Note: Read it twice. Seriously, you'll have a better understanding of it if you do. Also, this is the plottiest sex scene I've ever written...

Oh, and also, this is part of a larger story idea which may or may not be written. If anyone wants an explanation of it, lemme know and I'll post one.


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