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A challenge for you (and a challenge for me)
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eiluned wrote in redshippers
It's been way too quiet around here lately. SO! Let's have a fic challenge.

I challenge you, my fellow Redshippers, to write a Logan/Jean Valentine's Day story that involves:
  • A bottle of expensive wine

  • fuzzy slippers

  • a glow-in-the-dark condom

  • a pornographic movie

The fic can be any length and any rating (though I'm sure no one would be angry if it's smutty, heh). Post your fic on Valentine's Day!


And now my reparations for being so quiet around here myself. I've fallen off the writing horse lately, and I want to get back on. Reply to this post with a Logan/Jean situation, and I'll write at least a drabble, but hopefully a longer fic for you. Let me know if you have a 'verse preference and what heat level you want, too (mild and romantic to panty-scorching). :D

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I just joined this community an recently started reading Jean/Logan fanfic. I would love to read something new from you!!!:)

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