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I'm madly in love with Sana Takeda's artwork in the X-Men Forever Annual. And I went a little crazy with the icons. Can you blame me? Her art's gorgeous! I'm planning on making a few wallpapers, too, as soon as I finish this paper I'm procrastinating on. ;)


( Icons this way! )

Check out glimglamoury for more graphic goodies!

Favorite Logan/Jean quotes?
Hey, everyone. I want to make some Logan/Jean quote icons, so I'd like for you guys to suggest your favorite shippy quotes! The quotes can be from the comics, the movies, the cartoons... whatever, as long as it's Logan/Jean.

I'm hoping to make the icons this week, after I finish a monster paper that's due Tuesday. I already wasted time today making a set of icons, haha. I'll try to post them this afternoon.

Thanks in advance!

X-Men Forever Annual?
So... who read it?

Claremont's writing is clunky as usual, and the plot's pretty sketchy, but I've gotta say, I squealed at the end. The art was what made the issue, though. Sana Takeda is an amazing artist, and I hope Marvel puts her on more books stat. Her Jean is gorgeous, and she draws Logan very well. Sometimes anime-style Logan doesn't look rough enough, but she did a great job on him.

The writing did crack me up a few times, particularly when spoilerCollapse )

I'm currently saving images from the issue, so I'll post those when I get a chance. :)

Preview of X-Men Forever Annual #1
Really lovely. :)


cover of annual x-men forever


( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Wolverine & Phoenix icons
Tropical paradise
Batch of icons featuring Wolverine & Phoenix. I would like to thank eiluned because I used some graphics found in her website Animal Attraction. Also I used graphics done by artists at Deviant Art.
Also featuring images from comics, movies and animated series...


Remember Jean's and Logan's attraction towards each other in X-Men Forever #1?

Well Cleamont gives us an LJ book in April 2010.

The cover is really beautiful. :)


[ OUAT ] not exactly a banner day
Hey guys, just thought I'd drop a brief note to any Marvel RPers out there. There's a super ossum game on insanejournal called The Divide, it's a Marvel & DC crossover taking place during the Civil War arc. Reason I'm posting it here is because I'd ttly love a Logan tossed in with everyone (and my Jean, for srsly). We don't have a Cyke yet, either.

ANYWAY it's such a fun game so for any of you active or latent players out there, give me a holler if you're interested (or just apply -- even if it's not for Logan! We'd love any other characters). Link here: http://thedividemods.insanejournal.com/

Hope this is allowed here, if not, ttly take it down and I apologize profusely.



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